Mission 4U: boost your Motivation

I would like to tell you a story:

My son, Harold was 5 years old and I decided that he was in age to drive his bicycle alone without the aid of his supporting wheels.  He was afraid and said: Please Dad, don’t let me go!!!

Then like a lot of parents I put a stick in the backside of his bike to keep him in balance and I was running with him

After several trials and errors,I stopped running at his side. I shouted as a real cheerleader: “You can do it!”

And then he realized that he was riding without any help and shouted as proud as a peacock: Papa Papa regarde, regarde , je roule tout seul. I can do it on my own!

This experience of more than 15 years ago strenghted my belief that If you believe in what people can achieve, If you trust them, if you can give them dreams, they will achieve miracles.

My concrete experience and track-record as a manager and coach achieve to convince me that “giving the keys to ensure success is the best way for individuals and teams to take their destiny in their hands and to perform better.

That was the key of my secret when Unique was elected by his own employees 5 times “best employer”.

That lays the foundation of my knowledge and know-how on Motivation and Engagement

The famous motto of Obama: Yes We Can, delivers a message of hope to everyone: everyone can change, every one can be motivated or engaged if he profoundly believes in himself and his strengths.

The social and financial problems of demotivation (absenteeism, presenteeism, burn-out or bore-out) are huge. The right engagement and motivation impact the creativity, the customer satisfaction and the profitability of companies.

Why do some managers prefers to enhance the weaknesses and don’t they reinforce the strengths of their team members?

Why don’t managers know what really motivates each team-member?

Why do managers fail to give the right feedback?

Who motivates who and how in a team or in a company?

Why can extrinsic Motivation kill the intrinsic motivation?

Indeed motivating people, how it should be, is complex and asks a deep understanding of their motivational DNA...

That’s why, I became the coach in the art of Motivation. That’s my strength and passion. I strongly believe that any person has the right to be motivated.

Idea 4U has as purpose to give you the key to bring out the best in you, in your People and your organization.

I thank you to being here on the Idea 4u website

Enjoy your visit!

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  1. Bullet The mission of Idea 4U is to reinforce the self-confidence in individuals, teams and organizations by amplifying their strengths.

  2. Bullet Our ambition is to bring them to engagement by giving them autonomy through mastering the art of motivation and the power of ideas

  3. Bullet Our Philosophy as experts in motivation: the Engagement Formula: E=MC3

  4. BulletLa nouvelle formule Energie: E= MxC3

  5. 4 conseils pour booster votre énergie

  6. BulletDe Nieuwe Energie Formule: E= MxC3

  7. 4 tips om je Energielevel te boosten

  1. Engagement of individuals, teams and organization

  2. Motivation of your drives, needs and award system

  3. Confidence in yourself, in your team and organization

  4. Competence you need to succeed in your job and life

  5. Condition mentally, physically to perform well every day

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