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  1. Bullet  Learn to recognize “demotivation at first sight “ and all the modern demotivationbugs (absenteeism-presenteeism).

  2. Bullet  The 7 sins of carrots and sticks

  3. Bullet  The wisdom of the 4 motivation laws

  4. Bullet  Define your own Motivation DNA.

  5. Bullet  Design your Personal Motivation Plan (PMP)

  6. Bullet  Crack the motivational code of your family and team members

  7. Bullet  Develop creative and authentic motivation strategies for  your team, your boss

  8. Bullet  Discover the secret of emotional rewarding and the intrinsic motivation

  9. Bullet  The power of the 4 T of Autonomy 

  10. Bullet  9 ways to boost Motivation of your organization to the top

  11. Bullet  Create your own motivational cockpit


  1. Bullet  Motivation is the force which moves us  into action.

  2. Bullet  Are you looking for a new way to motivate?

  3. Bullet  What motivates You? What gives you the right energy  to move forward every morning of the year? Why do you feel down today?

  4. Bullet  Who,what is responsible for your motivation?

  5. Bullet  Are you responsible for the motivation of your family, your team, your partner?

  6. Bullet  Do you know how too keep the best motivated team members on board?

  7. Bullet  Is boosting the Motivation, mission impossible?

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